Thrust Out The Laborers

Many are called but few are chosen.
Many are invited but few are welcomed.
His voice has gone out to all the earth,
but where are those who will translate it into words?
His hand holds the world in its place,
but where are the saints to touch the unreached?
His eye searches the universe to find one who seeks him,
but who has followed him to the lost?
Preachers of paradise abound among the faithful
while the cries of hell echo in pagan temples.
Prayers for more blessing fill the sanctuary
while those with nothing do not even know who to ask.
The kingdom is delayed for we have not prayed,
and disciples are half-made,
believing a lie, seeking what cannot satisfy.
Lord Jesus, send us out! Send us ’til we have no place to go!
Lord, gather the wayward! Hold them in Your arms!
Open our eyes to your holiness and our hearts to Your Word!
Empty the halls of idolatry and pretended piety!
Open the floodgates of heaven and fill us with Your Spirit!
Let us rather die for You than live half-heartedly!
You have promised Your kingdom, the sonship, Your very life
but we have settled for petty politics,
a long-distance relationship,
and rumors of joy.
Copyright © 2001 by Mert Hershberger. Used by permission.